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Originally Posted by motosapiens View Post
speed. I don't think I (or you) can reload in under 1.5 seconds with the mags that close together.
Ah, got it, thanks for the clarification. My reload times are currently measured with a calendar, but I'm going to be doing a lot of dryfire practice with reloads in the next couple months and will mix in conventional pouches and report results back here once I have them.

Edit: It just occurred to me, I can also leave gaps of one or two mag slots, so have say 1~~2~34 vs 12345678, I'll test whether that makes a difference for myself, too.

Originally Posted by Rwehavinfunyet View Post
Individual mag pouches allow the competitive shooter to place the mag pouch in the ideal location to make a speed reload. An individual mag pouch allows grasping the mag much easier and faster than having mags placed side by side and very close to each other.

For USPSA, I would often have a mag pouch placed near the middle belt line of my front torso, so when I dropped the mag, the distance to reach the mag was slightly closer than having a mag pouch placed at my side and well behind my hip bone.... The rules of IDPA state the mag pouches must be placed behind the hip bone..... A speed reload is not required in Steel Challenge, so many people simply place additional mags in their pockets or if there is a nearby table, they will place them on the table......
For clarification, SingleStack in USPSA requires mags at/behind the front edge of the hip, I think same as Production/CarryOptics and it sounds like same as IDPA.

And yeah, USPSA speed issues or not, the 8-mag pouch is really convenient for Steel Challenge, it's legal for an "oh crap I had five misses" reload on the clock, too.
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