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Airtight grain storage

It seems to me the best way to rotate your food stash is to eat it. Rice, barley and dry beans seem like winners to me. They inexpensive and store well. US farmers are getting 28 to 48 cents a pound for dry beans and 12 cents for rice. I don't know how hard hard it would be to by direct of the farm as both those crops are almost always gown under contract.

Grain and dry beans will keep a long time if they are stored in an air tight container with a low Oxygen atmosphere >1.5%*. Purging the grain with Nitrogen or CO2 over several days is used for commercial and on farm storage. If you do it small lots a vacuum pump would cut down on the amount of gas used and speed up the process to 15 minutes to half an hour.

If Oxygen is available seeds will metabolize it and weevil and worms will grow and eat the grain in proportion to the amount of Oxygen, moisture and temperature. Grain below 12% moisture stores at almost any temperature. Grain Harvested at 0 F will keep until the next summer if put in a double wall wood bin in wooden barn. In air tight storage grain will make its own reduced Oxygen atmosphere by making CO2 from the carbon in the grain and Oxygen in the air.

While keeping grain = cold is better than keeping it hot if it is stored in a very low Oxygen Air tight the grain's metabolism stops.

You can out a heat exchanger on your cold water line and cool a small well insulated space if your using well water. Lake water will not be cool enough to make any difference. Then there are places like Frisco where the well water is over 90 F.

* The use of controlled atmospheres for the storage of grain
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