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Originally Posted by waktasz View Post

These are the only ones I'd emphatically say never to get. You want individual pouches.

Whether it's from Red Hill Tactical, Ghost, DAA, Comptac, Safarilnad or whatever, you want individual pouches so you can put them on your belt in the ideal spot. Granted, for steel, it's not that important, but if you ever wanted to get into any of the other "action" games, that nylon multipouch disaster thing is going to hold you back.
Originally Posted by motosapiens View Post
if you are reloading on the clock, waktasz is entirely right. If you are reloading between strings and just need to keep mags handy, then that 8 mag pouch would be fine. I should get something like that for my 22 pistol mags for steel, but instead I just put them in my vest pocket or on the table next to me.
Can you elaborate as to why? I don't understand why individual pouches are better, especially because I can put the 8-pouch right on my hip in what I'd think is the perfect spot (for pretty much all eight), and the first and second individual ones can go in that same spot but after that they're going farther back.
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