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Originally Posted by Igloodude View Post
I've been shooting almost exclusively singlestack (so yeah sometimes I have to carry a lot of mags on me), am a couple years into USPSA and SC, and one of the best things I've found is "Tuff Products 8-in-Line Magazine Pouch 1911", $40 on Amazon. It's flexible enough to wrap around my hip, it retains magazines adequately (I haven't been upside down in any stages yet, though), and having eight close enough together means I reach the 'next one' easily without my hand reaching/flailing halfway around my back. There's a flap you can use over the top of it, attaches with velcro, so I only use it when it's raining.

I don't know if it's as fast as the individual/pair plastic ones, and it is "point out" rather than "point forward", but it's working great for me.

And my 8rd 45ACP mags don't sit quite as close together as in the pic scraped from Amazon.

These are the only ones I'd emphatically say never to get. You want individual pouches.

Whether it's from Red Hill Tactical, Ghost, DAA, Comptac, Safarilnad or whatever, you want individual pouches so you can put them on your belt in the ideal spot. Granted, for steel, it's not that important, but if you ever wanted to get into any of the other "action" games, that nylon multipouch disaster thing is going to hold you back.
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