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Originally Posted by Rwehavinfunyet View Post
I am referring to a single LEO needing to stop a single threat.....not a collective group of LEO's in a standoff situation, with some shooting suppressive fire to keep a threat from shooting around a window, door, or wall.....

If a suspect is in a stand-off situation, inside a building or home.....a pistol is not the best tool for the job.....and an accurate AR style rifle or a good high capacity shotgun may be the best option....

I have a RIA VR-80 12 gauge shotgun with a 19 round magazine, that looks like an AR rifle, and has similar operating controls.... the shotgun has a full picatinny rail, and I mounted a compensator and a reflex red dot sight.....It shoots rifled slugs with excellent accuracy, and also shoots 00buck with good results at 25 yards or so, and would be a good option for suppressive fire in a stand off situation.....

In an extreme stand-off situation where the suspect is slaughtering people in a home or building, a good .300 Win mag round with armor piercing bullets could easily shoot through a concrete block wall if the suspect is at a known position inside... I have tested my .300 Win mag rifle with armor piercing bullets, and have shot through 2" of mild steel.... The US military has moved to the .300 Win Mag round for their sniper teams to extend their effective range vs. the .308....
Isn't this the competition forum?

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