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Originally Posted by waktasz View Post
SOME PCCs are SBRs, but rare, due to regulations. I only know a couple of guys who have them, and they shoot their full size guns instead because they handle batter.
This is somewhat true. When I shoot our PCC match I'm usually the only one with an SBR. If I were really trying to be in first place all the time I would build one that's a little heavier out front. But the length and weight of the barrel is only a small part of the equation. Tac com makes a barrel that is effectively only 5.25" with an aluminum shroud pinned to bring it to a legal 16". A friends using this barrel feels and swings very much like my SBR which has an 8" barrel. My problem with my SBR is I shoot 3-gun and Rifle matches much more frequently and that rifle is much heavier. Im constantly over swinging my SBR during transitions due to its lightness.
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