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The full sized 1911 he showed last is interesting. The "modular frame" which I believes (?) is also code words for a poly-grip is a plus in recoil absorption. Looks like a fine shooter, but if they have crapola magazines like the Gen-1 2011 45-mag's I have in my STI-Costa Carry Comp, I wouldn't touch it. But given that gun is single stack, perhapes they will have a better go at the 45acp mag's. I am glad STI hasn't totally abandoned 45 anyway, but I do wish they would realize their "promise" to provide Gen 2 45 acp 2011 10R mags to us who need them.

Really like the new grip set's STI is rolling out, my Costa CC is back with STI because the frame cracked, too much 230 Gr HST (not even +P) I guess :-) and only approx. 1600 rounds, and I also asked them to put the new 2011 grip on my gun while they have it.

My STI-CC is one of my best shooter's, not so stellar in the robustness department though (cracked slide, crap 2011 45 mags, and that awful "recoil master" set up instead of a normal recoil spring). But great Customer Service though - I know, because my STI has been back 3X in only 2 years -LOL. Hopefully, they will bring it all together this time ;-). Fair and balanced.
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