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Originally Posted by joepilot View Post
We had typing as a separate class. Our English classes spent a lot of time teaching about proper use of words, nouns, pronouns, verbs, adverbs, etc. I think these things changed over time. Which brings us to....

Don't even get me started on this! Not only do they NOT teach English, but they don't teach history or civics, or geography, or.... Well, you get the idea. Sad state of affairs!
Yes, things have gone literally over the cliff.

I see it as two things. 1) Degeneration of society, and 2) Society is accepting it!

What do we see? We see the delinquents, and I don't mean delinquent kids. Kids are just the end product of what society is putting in. Put shiat in you get shiat out. This old rule never fails. But where was the turning point? I suspect it's many millennials who have wiggled their way into the education system, along with liberal left elder tards.

There's a boat load of new history here, and it should be captured into text books for this next upcoming generation, those who are behind the snowflakes.

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