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Originally Posted by 1911_Kid View Post
hah, my english classes were about writing on paper using readable cursive, with some time about how to use a typewriter
We had typing as a separate class. Our English classes spent a lot of time teaching about proper use of words, nouns, pronouns, verbs, adverbs, etc. I think these things changed over time. Which brings us to....

Originally Posted by 1911_Kid View Post
kids today don't even know how to write out a check, or even write in good cursive. instead, schools are swapping out valuable learning time for things like "the internet" and "tablet use" and "social media". talk about 'destruction of communication'.
Don't even get me started on this! Not only do they NOT teach English, but they don't teach history or civics, or geography, or.... Well, you get the idea. Sad state of affairs!

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