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Originally Posted by RetiredRod View Post
I hope our Forum members do not follow this advice. Whether our Forum written communication is considered to be formal or informal it is, nevertheless, communication by written word. Proper spelling, sentence structure, commas, periods and paragraphs are methods to make your written communication more effective and more readily understood by the reader.
nobody needs to follow what i say. i was just stating some facts.

and just for clarity, i never said to disregard proper spelling or sentence structure (commas, periods, etc). was just noting capitalization.

typing in all lower case does not take away from the message, etc.

one could do a 180 on this as well and put caps-lock on and then just type away, really makes no diff what-so-ever.

Originally Posted by joepilot View Post
Yep, I'm hip to that. Typing in all lower case, often without punctuation, is difficult to read and shows lack of respect. Please remember what you were taught in English class and communicate properly!
hah, my english classes were about writing on paper using readable cursive, with some time about how to use a typewriter
kids today don't even know how to write out a check, or even write in good cursive. instead, schools are swapping out valuable learning time for things like "the internet" and "tablet use" and "social media". talk about 'destruction of communication'.
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