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Originally Posted by b-b View Post

All of the methods mentioned above will work but the absolute best best solution IMHO is to use Challis Hex Head Grip Screw Bushings.


These ingenious bushings made by Brian Challis (a member of this Forum under the name Sculptor) have a groove that accepts an o-ring. A different Challis o-ring is then placed under the head of the grip screw. Your screws will never come loose again.

The bushings come in a variety of heights to suit different grip thicknesses and are available in different colors / materials. The bushing has a hex head that enables it to be driven in or easily removed with a 7/32" hex socket.

Removing original bushings can sometimes be a challenge. The Challis Grip Bushing removal tool makes it easy. All of Brian's products are very reasonably priced and his service is second to none. He has cordially answered several of my questions over the phone.

I installed the Challis system on the last three 1911's I bought before I ever shot them.
Thank you! Iím definitely going to look at this.
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