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Originally Posted by Tom Freeman View Post
Maybe the founders of IPSC should have called it Pistol instead of Practical. But, they didnt.

I dont get the butt hurt with PCC. It is getting people out shooting.
Couple issues I see with PCC at my local matches and I've heard others, elsewhere also complain about the same stuff.

Stages being designed around PCC. Either to screw over the PCC guys with a bunch of hard leans or the opposite... making them catered to PCC. I mean seriously... what's challenging about shooting a course of fire designed for a pistol with a long rifle that shoots a pistol load? I would think PCC guys would want stages designed for them. I would if I shot PCC.

Muzzle here. Muzzle there. Everywhere you look, you got guys handling their rifles away from the safe area. I don't like it. I'd get DQ'd if I did half the **** the PCC guys do.

Backups. Stages get all backed up anytime you got a few PCC guys on a squad. Always. Never fails.

The last one is no biggie but the first two are enough, in my opinion, to warrant PCC only matches. My opinion. Take it or leave it.

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