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In Ruger Commander land I have three. An all steel one I bought in 2013 on top. Then an all steel Night Watchman in the middle I bought in 2014. On the bottom is a LW one I bought in 2015.

These have all been great. The grips on the one on top I got off shopruger.com and Ruger called them "delta grips". I told myself that if Ruger ever made a 10mm I would have to put them on it and that is where they are now. Eagle wing grips are now on that Commander.

My next Ruger SR1911 will probably be a CMD size in 9mm. Saw one in a LGS over a year ago and it looked nice; better than the picts I had seen on the intergoogle or gun mags.

I do not carry the Rugers as I have a Colt/Talo Clapp Commander I bought in 2013 for that although they would all work for carry.
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