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Originally Posted by Snoopy47 View Post
I thought the total opposite.

I'm trying to get more into competitive shooting and in looking at the rules am not sure how MAJOR manifested.

Off the shelf factory MAJOR isn't easy to find. If someone doesn't RELOAD and wants to meet MAJOR power factors they have to buy home defense ammo.

Why is MAJOR such a power factor that it is NOT commonly found on the shelf with factory ammo, and can only be fired through the most robust of all steel guns?

Since everyone has to reload anyway to meet MAJOR PF (cost effectively) why is it soooo important that the PF be so high as to be a safety risk to non steel guns. Everything would still pretty much be equal among all the competitors if MAJOR was knocked down several thousand, and the safety factors would greatly improve.


I get it. These organizations will not be changing their rules. I just don't see how MAJOR PF being as high as it is in the spirit of sportsmanship needs to be as high as it is.
Because these games used to use duty ammo. To better simulate how the guns will actually feel in real use since this was originally envisioned as a practice aid. That's why .40, super strong 9mm, .38s, .357 mag, and .45 all make major and weak 9mm doesn't.

They already knocked major down twice, it used to be 200, then 180, now 160. I say they should put it back to 200 to really separate the guns that can and can't hang,
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