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I dug up this old thread because I just got a 9mm Ruger Officer. I'm Impressed with this little 1911. Can't find any cosmetic flaws, trigger pull is decent and function is good. I didn't do any break-in other than clean and lube with FP10 before shooting. It got fed nothing but handloads with 100 rounds fired...Speer 124FMJ, XTP in 115, 124 and 147 gr., Hornady 125 HAP's and Lee 120 gr. (sized .357") cast powder coated. Powders used were Power Pistol and CFE with either WSP or CCI primers. In other words, I threw a little bit of everything I load at it.
And...The accuracy was impressive, especially with XTP's and the cast bullet. At 15 yards any shot that went outside of a golf ball sized cluster was called.
I got this thing on clearance from a local dealer. Clerk said they weren't selling. I guess with all of the 15-17 shot plastic 9's out there this 8 shot single stack isn't a big seller.
The best part of all...it's a 1911.
Viet Vet 67' 68' and NRA life member.
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