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Littlegat is the answer

'll save anyone still looking a lot of time and aggravation. The short answer is www.littlegat.com. The longer and more detailed answer is below:

I purchased a DVC Carry Host in 2018 after looking at several 9mm double stack options at similar price points. Needless to say, cue sappy music, I love the gun's aesthetics, handling characteristics, and ability to consistently run DOT Torture out to 15 yards with 48+ scores. What I didn't count on was the absolute black hole of options for holsters. One would think that a gun with "Carry" in the name would have either STI backed holster options (interesting how the Stacco C now ships with a IWB Kydex holster) or one of the larger kydex makers on board to support the product - oh contraire mon frere. I spent months scouring every holster maker Google and forums could suggest to include begging several of the bigger guys to custom make me one with zero luck (I even offered to cover the cost to FFL to FFL round trip). As others mentioned, Garrett holsters is one of the few you can find online who list STI DVC Carry as an option, so I went ahead and purchased a IWB Silent Thunder.

First I'd like to point out that Garrett is a great company, has solid customer service, and reasonable prices and turn around time. However, in my opinion and (now) experience, a leather lined Kydex product is not suitable for IWB CC for one main reason - moisture. My initial thought on unpacking the holster and inserting the gun was damn this is tight and grippy on the draw. However, having plenty of experience breaking in leather holsters I went through the process of repeat draw / leaving the gun in the holster / creating over retention with bands to "mold" the leather to the frame etc.

I would conservatively say that I have drawn the gun 500 times at this point, and after all my efforts it still won't consistently come out smoothly; especially, if the holster has shifted from 4' o'clock and 15 degree angle. I live in the South, and humidity is always an issue; coupled with IWB and summer carry things get moist and as a result the leather lining gets sticky. Getting in and out of the car, or even just walking the holster will naturally shift around slightly and change the draw angle; this coupled with the sticky lining is a disaster waiting to happen. Multiple times during training I've nearly pulled the holster out of my pants along with the gun because it won't release due to the friction. I finally came to the conclusion that I couldn't trust the holster to release if SHTF.

Back to square one...

Thanks to the freakishness which is Instagram advertising, I was presented with a suggestion to follow a company called Littlegat. Normally I wouldn't click bait, but I noticed that the model was holding a STI pistol and at this point I was desperate because without a holster I had a pretty expensive paperweight (not going to lie, the model was very attractive as well). Anyway, I digress. Over to www.littlegat.com I went and mother lode! I guess STI has a relationship with them because they have a full listing of models to mold from. Ordered and two weeks later viola Kydex holster with RDR cut and wing attachment arrives. Overall fit and finish of the holster is excellent and my only minor complaint is that they didn't offer a 15 degree clip option (it only comes in straight drop with no adjustment). It's not super sexy or flashy, but it'll pull clean 10/10 times and the wing option really does pull the grip into the body nicely.

FYI - this is not a paid review, just trying to spare someone the angst I went through.

Be safe - TLB
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