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Rock Island VR-80 shotgun test.....

I ordered my new RIA VR-80 shotgun through Tombstone Tactical out of AZ, along with two 9 round mags, and they shipped the gun and mags without issue to my local gun shop. I then paid a $30 transfer fee to my gun shop.

Unfortunately, the Armscor owned company of Rock island has a very poor "user manual" for their RIA VR-80. It did not explain many crucial things about first shooting the shotgun, and does even include how and where to "oil" their semi auto shotgun.....still waiting for that information from their customer service team in Parhump, NV.

I had problems with the gun functioning properly during my first day of testing. I could not get through a single box of the three boxes of ammo I brought to the range, but the gun did work fine when using 12 gauge 2-3/4" slugs. Since the RIA comes with three screw in chokes, I set up the gun for the first day using the improved cylinder choke. The slugs cycled and fed fine, even when tested in my 9 round mags, and locked the slide back when empty. The 1-1/8oz lead with velocity around 1,300 fps did not have enough gas pressure to completely cycle the bolt, so most of the fired hulls would not eject, and the bolt would close on the fired hull......very disappointing.

I called the Armscor Customer Service team in Parhump, NV, and found out for the initial testing, I needed to use a specific load....with 2-3/4" shells, I need 1-1/4oz lead shot, with a velocitu of 1,300 fps or more for the break in period. They claimed they had an insert placed in the "user manual" explain the ammo to use for the break-in period. Naturally, my new gun did not have this added information.....and they never did mention how many rounds should be fired for the break-in period...? I re-ordered the proper "break-in" 12 gauge ammo, and am happy to say the shotgun worked fine with this ammo with the first round fired....and I fired a complete box of 25 rounds. The break-in 12 gauge loads ejected the cases about 6-8 feet to my right without issues.

I had mounted a red dot optic from Mueller Optics, which is designed to mount on a picatinny rail. The RIA VR-80 uses a flat top picatinny rail, so it was very easy to mount. As luck would have it, at 40 yards, the 5MOA red dot was dead on at 40 yards when shooting the 12 gauge slugs I purchased. I did not have to change anything, although the red dot optic sight had windage and elevation adjustment screws..... this reflex sight from Mueller Optics is a recommended shotgun sight, so I think it should hold up fine....it does have a warranty. The good news, the sight was on sale for $99! Only shooting the gun over time will determine how well the Mueller Quick Shot red dot optic will hold up. However, ....since it is not mounted on any reciprocating parts of the shotgun, it will not taking the slamming of a red dot pistol optic on a semi auto slide....such as those used on 1911 and other semi auto guns....

I will be using this shotgun for home defense and for 3-gun competition. With my 68 year old eyes, I have optic sights on my AR-15, my STI 2011 9mm, and now on my shotgun.....

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