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Optical reflex sight for a shotgun used in 3-gun competition

I recently purchased a semi auto, mag fed shotgun I plan to use in 3-gun competition. Since I am an "old guy" that will turn 68 in November, I like and use optical sights for faster and better sighting. My new RIA VR-80 shotgun is 40" in overall length, and looks like an AR-15....and has similar controls.... the compact size of this shotgun makes it very fast to handle, unlike a shotgun that uses a very long barrel.... The barrel length on the RIA VR-80 is 20" and comes with 3 screw in chokes: full, modified, and cylinder

I was looking at various reflex sights, but I didn't want to remove the existing front and rear flip up sights on the long picatinny rail on the top of my new RIA VR-80 shotgun. I needed a good reflex sight that mounted high off the picatinny rail, so the existing flip up sights were lower than the optical sight.

There were many options, but I finally decided on and purchased a reflex sight from Mueller optics: http://muelleroptics.com/ The sight is shown under "Shotgun scopes" on their website page. A picture of this sight is attached. The sight attaches to a picatinny rail without the need for a special mount.

About 6-8 years ago, I purchased a Mueller variable power scope for my hunting rifle. It was and still is an excellent scope, and was a very good retail price. I also remembered seeing a reflex sight they offer, called a "Quick Shot" that has the ability to change the type of reticle with a flip switch on the sight. It has 4 different illuminated reticle choices, but I like and use the 5MOA red dot. The sight was extremely easy to mount to my RIA VR-80 shotgun, and allows very fast sight acquisition. I have tested the sight and like it, and it was on sale for $99!
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