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Love SR1911 Target 9 mm

I have some Colts and I've owned at one time or another
Dan Wesson and Springfield Armory, even had a lone
Sig Sauer.

But I really love the Ruger Target 9mm.

At first I wasn't sure about the takedown system but
now I like it and am comfortable with it. In fact, I
think it's less hassle than the traditional 1911 design
with the bushing.

I'm sure I'm wrong and Colt owners or owners of other
1911s can give me dozens and dozens of reason why
I shouldn't love the Target 9mm. But I don't care.

It's slick, the trigger is most pleasing and it
seems just right to me out of the box. I wonder if
I'd like the Koenig even better. Probably never
try to find out.

And I shoot the Target better than all the other 1911s.

Full disclosure, I'm am at heart a double action revolver guy
so maybe I just don't have the experience to love the other
1911s although I've shot the Colt in particular off and on for

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