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I must have near a 1000 rounds through my CMD. It is one of the better shooting 1911's I have and I really like all of my 1911's Springfields and Rugers. When I first got it, the trigger was slightly creepy, but I took it apart and cleaned it up slightly and that straightened out. It is accurate and I really like the length Funny thing is, at first blush I know some would dismiss this gun. It was a deal to buy, the initial trigger wasn't "perfect" but took so little to change, and it has a very off center primer strike. But it is very accurate, has never had a failure to fire or stoppage of any kind and feels great! It has become one of my favorites At least I know which brass is mine on the floor. I love it. I may change to a Tru glow sight just because the sights are getting harder to see (not the guns fault).
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