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This is an older thread but I thought I would contribute. I had a 16kW Generac whole home generator installed a little over 2 years ago. It's been awesome! It came with a 10-year warranty! I have an annual maintenance agreement for $140/year but they keep the generator running in tip-top condition. This generator runs and performs a weekly self-check to ensure it's operating correctly. It has a phone app so I can see what the generator is doing. During a power outage, the generator automatically starts and switches my home power source to the generator automatically! It's a turn-key solution. I haven't worried a bit since it was installed. It's great piece of mind and it powers my entire home which would include A/C in the summer and the furnace in the winter. The only negative is during an extended power outage my home is the only light beacon in the entire neighborhood which draws attention to me. But, that's where the 2nd amendment comes in...
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