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Well, a whole-house generator running on natural gas helps when the grid goes down. A backup gasoline generator and a portable AC unit helps if Plan A fails. A house designed to utilize natural ventilation and that is heavily insulated helps if Plan B fails. LOTS of shaded porch area and a swimming pool to cool down in helps if Plan C fails (or if it is just a nice day to hang out in the pool and chill on the hammock).

Lots of water and sports drinks with electrolytes on hand is a must. Salt tablets are a great idea if you are working outdoors in the heat. I've spent most of my life in South Texas where it gets "warm" in the summer and have acclimated to heavy labor in the heat, but I've also pushed things to the limit before and know now that it is WAY better not to do so. Learning the signs of impending heat exhaustion or heat stroke are essential if you are going to live and work in areas where the ambient environment creates the potential, and being smart enough to pay attention to those signs and act on them are an essential survival skill. Killing yourself in your effort to survive tough situations when it can be avoided, or at least minimized, is pretty stupid!
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