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A personal anecdote re heat stroke.

Some years ago I was out on the range building a catch pen, about 5 acres +/-
Got started early in the morning before sunrise and had plenty of drinking water (even a 625 gallon stock tank) and of course a wide brimmed hat.
I took regular water breaks but at 1:00pm, about when I'd planned to knock off for the day the brush started to look, well, green.
I knew darned well it was dried brown and figured I needed to get out of the sun.
I dunked my head in the stock tank to cool off and
by the time I got to the truck the landscape looked like an old sepia toned photograph.
I put the truck's (excellent) AC on max and started down the dirt road towards the hospital but developed tunnel vision so I had the pull over and drank every bit of water I had left, and parked while the 'tunnel' grew smaller and smaller and everything went sepia.
I laid down across the bench seat with the AC vents pointed at me to cool my core temperature.

After about 60 minutes my sight returned and I could drive to get help.

I'm not a Mojave Indian used to living in 120 degree weather. If you are, more power to you but if you're not, consider extreme heat to be a threat worth at least acknowledging.

I didn't have a plan but was fortunate enough to "wing it" to my advantage.
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