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Not belittling your post just saying.

What is dangerous heat wave? I visited my grandparents farm in the mid south and no AC, no electric for a fan and cooked on a wood fire stove, water pump outside (cool water though) and worked a farm. Lived into the 80s as did my great grandma on the same farm. I asked my mom how they did along with her, she said they just did it.

We just went through record setting heat in June and we do not have AC in homes, a few do with a window unit. Inside our house it hovered 96f with dead air for weeks (norm avg temps mid-high 60s) parts of the area actual hit over 100f. Wildfires were blazing choking the air to include inside the house all June, still do on days.

Three deployments to the desert, first one we had no AC, fans, electric just big green tents in the sand and temps were 110f or so.

Drink lots of water and limit time exerting energy and direct sun.
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