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I’ve had my Ruger 9mm Officer for six months and have just over 600 rounds through it.

There were a couple of instances of the slide not going completely into battery during the first box of ammo, but has functioned 100% since then.

The grips were thinner than I liked, so I replaced them with Harrison Design G10 Carry Groove grips (Brownells #100005638) and really like the result. It makes a great companion to the Ruger 9mm LW CDR Style pistol.

This replaced a Springfield EMP which was a good little pistol but I wanted the grip and controls to be closer in size to my other 1911’s. Standardize the ergonomics, so to speak.

The Wilson Combat magazines have worked well in this Officer. (Brownell’s #965000239)

Note: The Brownell’s numbers are for reference. I have no connection with them or any of their suppliers, just a satisfied customer.
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