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Originally Posted by Benchloader View Post
Recently at the range I saw the Takedown Pin in my LCP coming out. Pushed it back in and fired a round. Takedown Pin came out, slide flew off and landed about 5 feet in front of me with a new round under the extractor. I found all the parts except the Outer Recoil Spring. Ruger gave me a RMA # and shipping label.

The LCP came back with a slip showing what they did. Replaced the Barrel, Extractor, Takedown Pin, Takedown Detent, Guide Rod, Inner & Outer Recoil Springs. 24 rounds fired without malfunction.

Way more than I expected. I certainly appreciate the attention Ruger gave to my LCP.
Wow, never seen that one before. I had two LCP I's for a few years, shot them quite a bit actually, and never had an issue.

I traded both of them off on two LCP II's, and so far, they have ran pretty good as well...about 200 rounds through each of them.

Sounds like Ruger pretty much rebuilt your LCP. Is yours the first gen or second?
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