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Back in the 80's I had a friend that was a prepper of sorts. He lived in Tucson, and owned a piece of property in Northern Arizona. He bought several AK-47's when they were $89.95 all day long in gun stores. He also bought several thousand rounds of surplus Com-Block ammunition for them.

He then set about locating caches of AK's and ammo around his 40 acre property. He found some sort of large military surplus ammo cans, in which a certain amount of these under folder AK's, magazines, and ammo would fit. He then coated the outside of the cans in roofing tar, and then let them sit. Once the tar had cooled and solidified, he placed the rifle and accessories in the cans. He had covered the rifles and magazines in a heavy oil, and wrapped them in butcher paper. The ammunition he placed in a plastic container inside the cans with the rifles. He then buried these cans in locations around his property.

He has since retired, and moved full time to his Northern Arizona property. Last year he was building a large shop, so he had to dig up one of the boxes. He said he opened up the box, and the rifle, magazines, and ammo were still serviceable. He cleaned the rifle and magazines, and then proceeded to shoot all the ammo without a single failure to fire.

Not bad for a weapon and ammo that have been buried in the ground for 36 years.
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