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So many watered down and poorly bred breeds that were once great. Dobes, back in the Magnum PI and prior days were great. Alot harder to find legit DObes without congenital health issues. just google dobes health issues. Within the Dobe, there are offsets - american european, which are the same but different.
Even more so Within the "German Shepherd", many variations and most what is bred in America is not the same dog it was 30 years ago.
Let's see the variations consist of:
West german working lines
West german show lines
American show lines
East German/DDR
"American backyard" lines

I have had 5 GSD's and all were working lines (mix between WG/DDR/CZECH), and 2 I imported from the Czech Republic.

Anyway, a well-bred, real GSD is hard to beat IMO. I could give a rat's ass about bite force. If the bite force wasnt there, they wouldnt have been used by the military and police for the last 70+ years.....

They are smart, most have a high desire to please their handler, and they are suspicious, and lastly, loyal.
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