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Combat knife has a lot of different connotations but for survival I'd like it to cover more than just people or opening bean cans. Coming from a region where we knife a lot of game with dogs, 7" of blade as a good medium game sticking length. This gets into hogs vitals from reasonable angles. 8" is better. 6" will work on smaller hogs but you will get fails on bigger ones. 9" is great as long as its not unwiledy on your belt.

Also prefer some form of hilt, even a tiny one, without which you risk running your hand down onto the blade during impact, moreso once mud, blood or rain makes the grip slick. This is why medieval folks weren't carrying around cool little paracorded type blades with no hilts for self defence. They were actually using theirs to drive into one anothers bodies regularly, and as such when a dagger went into play it usually had a decent 7-10" of blade with at least some hilt.

For bushswords or machetes or shortsword type things which would see camp chores+ defensive uses my preference is that they can be used to stab. However sword, spear or seax tip as these latter forms will snap the tip more easily on poor stikes, especially harvesting foliage where you accidentally strike the ground or obscured objects. A good compromise I find is some more belly or curvature near the end like a drop or clipped point which can ride tough impact.
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