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Originally Posted by STORM2 View Post
I went 10 kw portable with house breaker panel wired with appropriate plug. I had a licensed electrician do the work. I can run everything including A/C or heat. I cannot run the A/C and other 220 at the same time, but we can operate with that limitation. I wanted the off property option...but it is heavy. We have used it 3 times. 2 brief (3-4 hour) ice events and one summer A/C, 25 hour event (it was 100 daytime degrees outside), that event justified the breaker wiring cost! I now consider back-up power a NO-GO item.
I had a 220 outlet put in the garage when my house was built. During an outage, I turn off the main breaker from the utility company and connect my generator. I run it regularly to keep the battery charged.
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