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Originally Posted by CyberDyneSystems View Post
Damn you TRSOtto!

I've been eyeing these CZs for a very long time,. I always knew a CZ would be my first "wonder 9" going all the way back to when they used to use that term
I've held back and let my fascination first with SA wheelguns, and then my still burning love affair with the 1911,. but! You! you and Striker!, and your damn range reports!

Last night I took a look online at pricing for the Czeckmate and Orange,. and found what appeared to be a great deal on a used Czeckmate on GunBroker..

....I was going to just walk away when I noticed, HOLY CARP! It's at my LGS!

So today off I went,. a 15 minute drive, and was able to handle the Orange, and Czeckmate side by side.

I was still leaning towards the Orange, but,.. Here's the thing, that great price on a used Czeckmate? It was a NEW full kit!

Er... so I might have ended up filling out paperwork for a Czeckmate..

So I went in thinking this based on your post, but today trying them side by side, they did seem different. Maybe it was copy variation, or maybe I was holding the wrong "Orange" but the Orange I had had a noticeably stronger pull. Both were crisp and smooth though.

At first I also thought the grip feel was very similar, but after more hands on I realized they were both just very different from the 1911 I am used to,. but are also different from each other. The Orange had a narrower grip, in some ways more comfortable, certainly more like a slabsided 1911, but the Czeckmate felt almost custom sized for my own hands, it was a very good match.

Can't wait to try this thing out!
Welcome to the club! You will be shocked when you fire it for the first time just how good it is.
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