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That is going to be a tough nut to crack.

At least you have one thing going for you. This being that you do not have to worry about freezing temperatures, which would rule out a lot of things. You can store a lot of stuff that can handle reasonably high temperatures for a while. But keep in mind that these same high temperatures will decrease your shelf life considerably. I would go with more dry stores in the form of grain based products, cereals, pasta, rice and so fourth. They will last longer than canned meat and such with a lot of oils like peanut butter that will go rancid fairly quickly stored in high temperatures. Rice is a great thing to store, but get white rice as it has less oils and will stay good longer than brown rice.

Canned fruit will hold up reasonably well, but not as well as in a cooler environment. Honey holds up well, which is something that a lot of people overlook that has a lot of nutritional value.

Also I would get a few cases of Datrex survival rations to put back. They have a very high food value and are good for five years. If you ever go on a passenger ship. This is what you will find kept in the lifeboats. And those lifeboats get very hot closed up in tropical sun for months and years at a time. Over the course of my career we changed them out after five years and they are fine. They are also quite compact for storage. Powdered milk stores pretty well in high temperatures, good for kids. Sardines do fairly well also.

You can check out the Datrex stuff here.

Be wary of #10 cans though. Unless you are prepared to consume the entire contents of one in fairly short order. You will have to be able to refrigerate the rest of it.


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