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Originally Posted by Bat22 View Post
Back when Man vs. Wild and Survivorman were both running, besides spending more time in REI and Bass Pro I felt the urge to get a fixed blade knife.

I first got a CRKT M60 for my theoretical survival knife but later a Mora knife. Even though the latter cost less and isn't as robust, if I had to choose between the two for a duel, I'd make the survival knife my combat knife for being lighter and better complementing my compact hands.

I got a Mora like that for $11 on amazon and I've been doing my hardest to kill it. food prep, chopping through bones, using it as a pry bar, throwing it, batoning 2x8s into firewood, you know that kind of thing. So far no luck! I had to touch up the edge on the belt sander but otherwise it's going strong.

kind of ruining me to the idea that I need a fancy knife. I could buy a dozen. and if it ever dies just grab another. should last a life time.

That said, I carry a Microtech Combat Troodon at work since I can't carry a gun. hope to not get into any combat with it, but it's about as solid and angry as a non-fixed blade can be.

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