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Originally Posted by 7.62Kolectr View Post
All I gotta say is not having power after a hurricane in south Florida mid summer SUCKS!
My portable gas one runs the fridge and we use the propane bbq to cook with.
But man it gets HOT HUMID AND STICKY in the house and I just canít sleep in that crap.
I want a whole home generator to run some things during the day and the central AC at night.
I hear you man, went 5 days with out AC after Irma. I have a 5k portable with transfer switch that will run lights fans and the fridge. I also have a Honda 2000 for back up to the 5k and to let it rest. Over the winter I got a couple window AC units so at least next time we can have one room cool. I think I was loosing my mind on day 5. LOL.
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