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Originally Posted by 1911_Kid View Post
Can I ask, if its a real long term outage of utilities, and you have limited stored fuel of any kind, and getting more fuel could be problematic, why would you run the whole house?

Even if you didn't turn anything on, there's still some leakage current between wires. And, with a big gen, say 20kW+, if you don't turn anything on the gen is still running wasting fuel.

For DP, wouldn't smaller gas (propane and the like) gen's be the way to go? Maybe a few of them, and then you run them as needed. So maybe one big propane tank + a few BBQ tanks, and then a few smaller gens? Smaller and portable also makes it easier to say take it out in the field to run some electric tools to fix or build something that is needed?

I think of "D" in "DP" as a major thing, like the utilities have been wiped clean from a tornado(s) and you'll be off grid for many months and having to drive for more fuel is close to a full tank of gas in your truck and you not sure gasoline will be at the far end to make it back, or if there will even be gasoline there. Or is this view just too extreme for "DP"?
During outages, I have a fairly efficient 3.5k to run freezers and refrigerators, and an older 5k to run everything else. Both are gas. I run them on an "as needed" basis. I got the 3.5k specifically for its purpose, because I need more time to keep those appliances cold enough- and its vastly more efficient than underutilizing the 5k.
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