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Originally Posted by wccountryboy View Post
I'm not a big fan of LPG/NG generators, simply because they're horribly inefficient. You'll burn 80-100 gallons of propane a day depending on the size and load. One is also dependent on resupply trucks... NG is dependent upon uninterrupted service- during the last 2 hurricanes that hit my area, natural gas was intentionally shut off in some areas, as the ground was saturated and they didn't want to risk a break in the pipes with gas flowing.

I keep 50+ gallons of fuel (gasoline) on hand, and can travel to get more. I can stretch my fuel supply by running as needed, rather than 24/7.

I've found that a relatively small (3.5k) will keep the freezers and refrigerators, as well as a fee lights goin, and use the 5k for bigger loads.
I have to disagree with the 80 -100 gallons a day of propane. Mine ran 4 days and it used about 90 gal scoring to the gauge. Granted I was running at less than 50% load at most. The other big Beni fit to me is propane doesn’t go stale like gas or diesel fuel.
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