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On 12/14/18 the Novak adjustable rear sight came apart while shooting this Ruger .45ACP 4.25" (SR1911CMD), losing the rear adjustment screw. I bought the rear sight aftermarket, but seems to be the same rear sight if I'd bought it directly from Ruger's online store.

I reinstalled the stock fixed rear sight for now. I've also ordered a new front sight, as the stock sights on this older model Ruger shoot a bit low for me. I've since learned later Ruger 1911s come with a lower front sight, which may dial in my POA to POI better. I also ordered another adjustable rear sight.

I ordered the replacement parts directly from Ruger this time and expect receipt during the first week of January '19. When I get around to it, I'll see if the new lower front sight dials in my sighting. BTW, I'm currently at 11,000 rounds.

(At ~$400/1000 rounds, sometimes I wonder if, next time, I should just buy a higher-end 1911, like a Wilson-Combat, and shoot less, all for ~the same amount of money.)
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