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Thought I'd do a follow up since it's been a little over a year since I started this thread. I don't have this gun any more, having sold it to a friend who wanted another for his sons 21st birthday. He has one, bought one for his older son, and wanted another that matched the first two. Yep, he's a fan.

I couldn't go too long without getting another for myself. A few days ago, I grabbed a like new SR 1911 Commander for $522 OTD. What a firearm this is! So far I've fired some S&B 230gr ball, 230gr Gold Dots, 200gr Gold Dots, some 230gr Sig, and some CCI shot shells through it, using Wilson, Kimber, and Ruger mags with not a single hiccup. Accuracy is insane. I shot around dusk, so light conditions weren't ideal, but standing and shooting off hand, I was able to put everything in a pie plate. Warmer weather and better lighting should produce amazing results. I've found no reason to change anything other than grips on this gun. The grips are that great Orange color and to pretty to scratch, so I installed a set of gray/black Starburst G10's.

No need for another holster either as the Milt Sparks VMII and the Mitch Rosen ARG are doing just fine. I may have to add another full size just to fulfill that empty space, or maybe another Commander in 9mm, then there's the 10mm, or......
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