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Probably the most definitive review of a pistol I have ever read!
I ordered my X9 unseen direct from Wilson last April because it fit my requirement for a high cap 1911 pattern pistol. Would have preferred 38 Super or 357 SIG.
When I recieved it, out to the range, accurate, 100% functioning right out of the soft case.
Ran all the mags I purchased along with it, into the Alabama OffSide Holster that I had to send a BlueGun for a correct fit.
It has been in that holster ever since, replacing a Sig Nightmare Carry in 357 as an EDC.
I have no problem with the trigger or any other features except I wish it had two rear Tritium dots!
My first Wilson and i am impressed.
No matter what the genre, usually the reviewer details the faults according to his/her perceptions and then terms the item a POS compared to custom or to a collectable that is ancient in terms of production. But after your review you seem to have come to what I would term correct conclusions.
EDC X9 - SIG Nightmare Carry 357
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Colt Gold Cup
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