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Used Glock 19 since you already have 9mm. Get the Grip Force Adapter and put on it. It comes with a smooth and a ribbed one (sounds like condoms ) and is about $25. Makes the Glock point more like a 1911 angle than a Glock. On all my Glock except my 19X which has a backstrap that works the same for me.

Or, get a clean, used Glock 30S in .45 ACP. Add the GFA. And toss in a couple of G21 mags and ammo. In our shop used Gen 3 Glocks go for around $400 and Gen 4 between $450-490 depending on what the gun has with it.

I run both a SIG P220 full size or a Glock 30S for my .45 carry guns and a SIG P938 for the 9MM. The Glock 19X and my 19C Gen 2 fit my Milt Sparks VMII holster for the 30S. The 30S is about the size of the G19/23.

A basic RIA GI 1911 is a good gun if you are okay with GI sights. Just over $400 at Bud's. Or see if you can find a good deal on a clean, used RIA Tactical. Or up to around $500 for a new one. Just toss in some good mags. The ACT mag that comes with the RIA is generally okay, but some Chip McCormick or a couple of Wilson's are a better choice for a starting over after the house burnt situation.

Personally, I'd go for a good used Glock 30S or 19 since mags and parts are easy and less expensive to come buy if you are having to build up after a life changing loss or if the zombies come.

With so many agencies going to 9MM you could probably get a good deal on a .40 caliber Glock. I can't keep the used (we only sell used) 9MM Glocks in stock, but the .40s and the .45s sit longer. And we have a large LEO population from local, to BP, to US Marshalls here. The selling point for a lot of our .40 chambered pistols is that a lot of these guys already have plenty of ammo in that caliber. Even then a fair number of those carry either 9MM or .45 ACP for personal carry.

Okay, personally I seriously dislike the G23. The G22 I'm fine with, but for me shooting fast strings with the G23 it's a squirmy, snappy little tool without some grip mods over a 50-100 rounds in short order. So I'm prejudiced. I'd rather shoot my G29 in 10MM all day over a G23.

Well, actually, the wife has sort of claimed the G29. She enjoys shooting it. Hated the light framed, Charter Arms Pink Lady, .38 Special revolver. One shot and she handed that back and said, "Hell no!" Really got into the G29 and shoots it pretty well.
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