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Stash gun? pistol for long term storage

totally hypothetical situation. Let's say I have my carry and HD gear squared away. And I was trying to keep pretty consistent in my gear so I don't have a ton of stuff across a ton of platforms, I'm shooting M&P shields, 2.0 9mms, and 1911s in 45, and I have piles of accessories, holsters, ammo, etc. I am interested in expanding my levels of general preparation, and I am thinking about keeping a pistol in a secure off site location. Not so much for zombies, but like an "oh **** my house burned down" situation. I'm thinking about some cash, maybe PMs, extra car keys, **** like that.

curious what the general consensus on a pistol for longer term storage. The storage location I have in mind is like 3" x 5" x 24", so a bigger handgun would have to be taken apart I think. I would be willing to vacuum seal stuff and keep it oiled. I wouldn't have constant access to it but it's climate controlled.

My thoughts on what to use, as I don't currently have any "extra" stuff in the safe I could use besides a Les Baer. Willing to spend $400ish bucks but obviously the cheaper the better, as I'm pretty sure I will never need it and my kids will find it when I die.

38 special or similar. small and cheap, but weird caliber
Glock 23. can get a police trade in cheap right now, but it would take an 80% frame and conversion barrel before I liked it.
M&P shield or 2.0. already have one of each but I missed the sales and the prices are back up.
budget 1911. don't have one but may be able to find my way to get one.

other suggestions? don't think a long gun will work in any capacity.
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