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This is a picture of my devil dog as a puppy. The second pic is all grown up. I finally ended up having to put him down. He could no longer walk up the stairs to my bedroom because of bad hips, but it was his last attack that made the decision that I couldn't trust him in public anymore. I used to keep him in his own spacious dog run and adjoining yard but when I moved, didn't have that luxury anymore. When I had him out for a walk on his leash (heavy steel choke chain actually for control), he got excited over a cement rabbit, and when I wouldn't let him have any more time whining at the rabbit, he attacked me when I pulled him away.

People gave me the strangest looks as I walked this now very orderly and obedient dog down the sidewalk on the way home, with my dress shirt and dress slacks torn to ribbons and dangling from my appendages. You could see my whole naked leg up to my hips through tattered and torn long shreds of fabric. He didn't get me, but he sure got my clothes.
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