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Originally Posted by Tom_R View Post
Damn, that must have been nerve-wracking having that dog bite you like that.

How long did it take you to recover from that injury?
Not as long as one would think. I was limping around for quite a while but payed a lot of attention to cleaning the wound and keeping it clean - lots of irrigation at first, lots of changing of bandages etc. But I was pretty used to patching myself up from this dog even before this instance as I mentioned. He had already bitten and torn the inside of my arm and wrist as deep as his canines would reach - he only missed the radial artery by centimeters. I used to go to emergency and they knew me and my dog by name. They don't have to report a dog bite as a dangerous dog if it is the owner that is bitten. I was still a bit worried that this dog would be reported and I absolutely LOVED this dog - which is why I put up with all his nonsense. So since my wife was a nurse, I just had her sew my arm up on 2 different occasions. Amazing how tough the skin and flesh of the arm is to put a needle through. Learning experience for me.
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