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Originally Posted by toofew1911s View Post

The next one was a show dog imported from Germany from a very aggressive line. One of the most beautiful dogs I have ever seen, he won all his early dog shows - passed obedience training at the top of his class but had a flaw. The aggression that was bred into him through a long line of aggressive German Schutzhund dogs would occasionally surface in a terrible way. It was like the turn of a switch would occasionally turn him into a crazy psychopathic attack dog. I got my clothes shredded by this 140 pound dog 3 times and he tried to kill me once by sinking his canines in my thigh all the way to the bone and then going for my throat. But as I said earlier, you control the head and you control the dog. Holding his head away, he couldn't land another bite. Speaking to him, he finally calmed down enough so I could lead him to his run and lock him up.

Dogs are much more easily killed, contained or controlled than most people believe. And if you wish for a naturally more aggressive dog for guard duty, let us hope that he will guard you from lawsuits should he decide to bite someone not intent on criminal activity.
Damn, that must have been nerve-wracking having that dog bite you like that.

How long did it take you to recover from that injury?
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