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We have three dogs, it can be a real zoo at times! The boss is a 6 pound Yorkie / Chihuahua mix, he barks at any noise outside. You couldn't get within 25 yards of my house in a windstorm. He hears everything.

We also have a 10 year old Black Lab. She is a great family dog, she loves everyone and will totally ditch you for a treat. I think she would sell us out to a thief if he had a dog biscut. Not a guard dog by any means, but she is very intuitive, I completely trust her character judgement of strangers. If she growls at a person I am on red alert.

Last is our German Shepherd. She is only 6 months old but is already guarding my home and children. She is only 60 pounds, but is very muscular. I think she will end up around 80 pounds or so. Her bark is very intimidating as is her overall look, that alone would detour the majority of criminals.

Any criminal that would get past my three dogs would have to face my Arsenal SAM7SF that is always ready to back the dogs up, and the AK47 has a fierce bite!
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