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You cannot go wrong with a German Shepard or a Doberman if your main priority is to have a working dog that will be deterrent. Between their bark, their look (oh my those teeth are white and sharp!) and their reputation. Most criminals will just pick another house.

I have young kids so I personally would probably not have either of those breeds. If I lived alone, maybe a German Shepard, because I love them, but that's a lot of dog, and I'd like my kids to be a little older. A buddy of mine had three Dobermans and he swears by them, although not the dog for me, and that is OK. A Rottweiler will also send a potential criminal looking for a better opportunity that is less of a hassle. Remember, most criminals are lazy, and a lot of them are stupid, they will choose easy victims.

Any dog is good though, as long as they like to bark when they sense something isn't right. The noise is a deterrent.

A friend of my wife's was telling us how she had a German Shepard and the house next door to her was broken into. The Police came to interview her to see if a anyone saw anything, and the German Shepard was sitting there watching the Police Officer very closely.

It turns out in the course of the interview the officer mentioned that her other neighbor was also recently broken into. My wife's friend was like, oh no should we be worried?

The Police Officer noted the dog and said, no probably not, they probably saw that dog, and decided to not even chance it.

Criminals hate dogs, they will leave houses alone that have dogs and just go someplace else. Too noisy, too many teeth.

I have two dogs that are as sweet as pie. we spoil the daylights out of them, so as a result they are both extremely protective. They like to announce their presence to strangers and they are serious about guarding their territory.
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