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Originally Posted by Kelpiemonk View Post
Nosework is really fun for dogs, and very rewarding. It can give a lot of confidence to a dog lacking that trait. When they learn something and turn on, it is great to watch.

On your last point, and perhaps your overall point, my best herding dog, who also happens to be my best friend, my snowmobile buddy and pretty much everything else, has one litter mate who is a world class sled dog, and another who does mountain SAR as a serious job. I don't contend that dogs can only do one thing, I just think that people lost the plot and bred dogs that are good for not much, and then have trained them to be even more useless.
I don't disagree with you completely on your last point, but I do think that "useless" or for the purpose of this thread "non-threat" is relative. Again I know this differs from your opinion, but I view dogs as being somewhat similar to humans in this regard, "USELESS" for one task, does not mean totally "USELESS", and certainly not safe to disregard as a "non-threat". I've seen the results of disregarding a dog as a potential threat. Dogs can be finely honed tools, but don't have to be to have tremendous value and tremendous potential danger... just like people. Again, having different experiences has made us view the animal and it's potential value, and potential danger differently.
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