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Originally Posted by Markbailey View Post
I have worked in a group with well trained animals with their handlers in real world situations, and I agree, it is an amazing thing to observe. Takes a lot of dedication and time to produce those results and it is quite spectacular to watch in action.

While different from this subject, I have observed many more animals in more recent years trained for what they can smell and identify over self defense skills, and they are equally impressive in my opinion. Amazing in fact.

Dogs are complex domesticated creatures, capable of amazing feats of both intelligence and courage, and then.... sometimes not. Just like with humans, it depends....
Nosework is really fun for dogs, and very rewarding. It can give a lot of confidence to a dog lacking that trait. When they learn something and turn on, it is great to watch.

On your last point, and perhaps your overall point, my best herding dog, who also happens to be my best friend, my snowmobile buddy and pretty much everything else, has one litter mate who is a world class sled dog, and another who does mountain SAR as a serious job. I don't contend that dogs can only do one thing, I just think that people lost the plot and bred dogs that are good for not much, and then have trained them to be even more useless.
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