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Originally Posted by L-2 View Post
I did give a call and the slide, along with my emails, had gotten lost in Ruger's system. The Customer Service Phone-Rep seemed to be able to track the slide down and I'm confident it will now be located and repaired soon. If all now goes well, I expect I'll see it back, repaired, sometime next week.

I'm traveling this week anyway, just not carrying that Ruger on this trip.

The Customer Service Rep did have some good product knowledge regarding my front sight. My new, but old stock Ruger was made in 2013. By 2014, Ruger was aware of its 1911 front sights breaking and in 2014 began using a different sight design or different sight manufacturing method and my replacement sight will be the current front sight which cured the older sights' breakage problems.
I'm glad you made the call, and now know what is going on with your slide.

My SR1911 CMD was made on January 13, 2017...which is a Friday. The good news is that it's past the breakage problems...and hopefully, this Friday the 13th gun will be a lucky one for me. So far, it seems to be. I hope yours turns out to be a good one for you from now on.
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