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I picked up a lightweight commander in 9mm a couple days ago. I've been shooting it with handloads. One load is a 125 gr lead round nose flat point made for cowboy action. I load it with 4 gr ww231in mixed range brass and use it for IDPA as throw away loads, don't bother to pick up the brass. The other load is a 150 gr swc coated from Bayou bullets made for the 38 Super. I load it with 3.4 gr of WW231. It shoots very well in my gun. I've shot both loads from the factory mags, 38 Super mags, and even a 40 S&W mag with no problems at all. The factory mags seem to have a very strong spring and are very hard to get 9 rds in. They are also hard to seat with the slide closed. My 38 Super mags feed just as well and are much easier to load and seat. Altogether I've fired about 500 rds without any issues at all.
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